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Post  Carson on Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:09 am

We want to stop all possible threats against cyberbulling, viruses, and want to keep Lockland Trans. in good, working order.
We have laid out some rules:

What NOT to do:

-> Copying, Stealing, Etc.
-> Threats, Abuse, Harass, or other attacks are not allowed.
-> No Profanity, ****, Etc.
-> No **ck y** y** bi***
-> Spam, Spyware, Trojans, inappropriate pictures, stuff like that is not allowed.
-> DO NOT make random posts and threads.

What TO to do:

-> Do your job.
-> Stay ON task
-> Respect yourself giving your best effort, hardest effort, and taking pride in your work.
-> Take pride in forum behavior if it is good.
-> Respect other workers with nice, positive attitudes.
-> Take great care of our wonderful facilities.
-> Follow every last rule of LSTD.
-> Have a GREAT time.

Other Forum Rules (still WIP):
-> Do NOT post in someone elses training thread unless you are staff.
-> Do NOT post in other radio threads but YOURS.
-> Keep the off-topic to a minimum. (Unless in Off-topic forum)

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