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Welcome to the Training Section! Empty Welcome to the Training Section!

Post  Carson on Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:31 am

Welcome! To get started, read a little bit about how the training is run/done, who does it, and who is it run by.

How is the training run/done?
Our Human Resource department invests time into organizing the training setup. Our trainings are based on employee's experience. When a new member joins, our HR Department takes over after the new employee joined. They start by having the new member inspect/pre-trip the bus, inspecting every inch of it. Then, the trainer takes the first seat on the right. The trainee adjust mirrors according to comfort. Afterwards, the trainee is given the go-ahead and is aloud to start the bus. After they leave the depot, they go over how to do a railroad stop, how to operate a wheelchair lift, how to do a normal bus stop, how to do a wheelchair lift stop, how to do a bus loop stop (both normal and wheelchair lift), and last, how to operate on the interstate. Afterwards, the driver must post-trip, then fill out the driving mileage for the bus. Once done, the trainee may sign up for a driving position!
Who does the training?
Our HR Department does, but depending on HR timings and driver timings, an other staff member may do the training, as per CEO/HR Director request.
Who is the training run by?
The HR Department takes care of all training.

If you have any questions, post them here.

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